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About : LinuxShark is based on opensuse 11.2 and The Linux Kernel Version, It is regularly updated with the latest security patches and Kernel upgrades. You are always safe. LinuxShark has all the multimedia applications that make Linux fun to use for all ! Some of the applications are : Mozilla FireFox Mozilla Thunderbird […]


Download LinuxShark : Latest Build : 0.1.3 PC Edition Download Server Edition Coming Soon … ! Older Builds : 0.1.2 PC Edition Download (Main) | Download (Mirror 1) | Download (Mirror 2) Server Edition Download (Main) | Download (Mirror 1) | Download (Mirror 2)


The Basics of Linux

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets, Netbooks, laptops, and other similar devices, you may have probably heard of the term Android.  Android is the operating system running behind the mobile devices.  But do you know that Android is built on the core of another operating system?  Android is built on the Linux kernel.  […]

History of Linux

If you want to know a few things about the history of Linux, you can use this article here and get more information, or check out a specialized web site that handles the topic and check it out instead. In the meanwhile, you can keep reading and hence get advantage. We could say that the […]

Mac or Linux: The Better Option

Have you ever wondered whether live streaming events online are better seen on a computer that relies on the Mac or Linux OS? Or which of these two operating systems can successfully get a website to work at higher speeds, or freeze fewer times in a row? These next few lines should hopefully aid you […]

Linux Security Features

The security features that UNIX-like systems such as Linux rely on are making these systems clearly superior to the rest of OSson the market. These features encompass root account security measurements, enhanced file accessing options, advanced data verification, storage encryptions and the list is not an exhaustive on. You can choose to watch now a […]

Linux Operating System Vs. Windows Operating System

People who are about to change their operating system from Linux to Windows or from Windows to Linux need to take into consideration the various pros and cons of both programs before purchasing. Just like the upgrades of various items and equipment, the computer world has actually reached an era where developments are being done […]

Why Did Dell Just Launch A Line of Linux Laptops?

Actually what you may not know is that Dell has actually been selling Linux laptops since 2007, but stopped marketing them when their general users found Linux too difficult to use. Even though they stopped the promotion of Linux machines, plenty were still being sold around the globe and now they are back due to […]

How to Learn How to Use Linux

Learning how to use the Linux operating system is not really rocket science, but it is no stroll in the park either. It takes some prior preparation beforehand and you could either visit site conglomerates that are talking about this topic, for example a website that solely focuses on teaching novice computer users how to […]