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About : LinuxShark is based on opensuse 11.2 and The Linux Kernel Version, It is regularly updated with the latest security patches and Kernel upgrades. You are always safe. LinuxShark has all the multimedia applications that make Linux fun to use for all ! Some of the applications are : Mozilla FireFox Mozilla Thunderbird […]


Download LinuxShark : Latest Build : 0.1.3 PC Edition Download Server Edition Coming Soon … ! Older Builds : 0.1.2 PC Edition Download (Main) | Download (Mirror 1) | Download (Mirror 2) Server Edition Download (Main) | Download (Mirror 1) | Download (Mirror 2)


The Basics of Linux

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets, Netbooks, laptops, and other similar devices, you may have probably heard of the term Android.  Android is the operating system running behind the mobile devices.  But do you know that Android is built on the core of another operating system?  Android is built on the Linux kernel.  […]